Wrist Support

Wrist Support

Buy one 6.5cm support and get second 6.5cm support for $15!!!

We take throwing seriously and would never use a wrist support intended to help "Bicep Bill" hit preacher curls all day. Throwing is a serious sport and requires serious gear.

Hence we developed this quick action velcro wrist support that offers a "wrist block" function for throwing shot put and stones. Say goodbye to those soft wraps that take forever to reset tension. Custom made and only available through RODHE SPORT.

The 6.5cm is our most popular support for shot putters and the 12cm support is the most popular for Highland Games athletes. It comes down to personal preference so please consider the size video before ordering.

Customers outside North America are encouraged to use our eBay store to obtain the fastest order process and tracking # once package leaves U.S. customs.


$ 25.00