Dec 21 2019 @ Youngstown State University, Watts Field House

Confirmed Entries and Competition Schedule (Tab1 Entries, Tab2 Schedule)

Admission is Free to families, coaches, and public. Vendor tables from the Jolly Big Throws Clinic will remain open during the competition.

All events available to HS, Collegiate, Elite and Masters athletes. Each event will be officiated by USATF/OHSAA certified personnel. Cost is $25 per athlete, per event.  Elite athletes will compete FREE (email for Elite entry).

Expect the flights to be mixed ages/gender. We will be playing music and keeping a fast pace. Expect few warm up attempts and a super high energy environment. Our goal is to deliver a competition similar to street shot put events.

Open Shot Put and Open Weight Throw are qualifier events for O.A.T.C.C.C Indoor State Championships, HS athletes must meet O.A.T.C.C.C. guidelines for qualifying mark to count toward the state meet. ALL ATHLETES are welcome to compete at No Safe Throws even if their school does not have an indoor season.

Indoor Discus State Championship is Rodhe Sport event and not recognized by OHSAA, NCAA, or USATF.


 How to Register:

1. Choose your event option(s) and check out. All payments final.

Open Shot Put   
Open Weight Throw  
Indoor Discus State Championship

2. Email with "NST Entry ####" as subject. #### should be your 4 digit order ID.  The email body should include Name, Age, event(s) requesting entry to, and seed mark for those events. Please also include a club or school affiliate.


Subject: NST Entry 2239

Body: Justin Rodhe, 35yrs.  Rodhe Sport, Open Shot Men 18.54m, Open Disc Men 55.45m, Open Weight Men 12.42m.