Video Services

Technical Analysis Services

We offer video analysis via Coach's Eye video in three options for the discriminant athlete/coach on a budget. We understand that sometimes you need a quick look and other times you will need a thorough examination. Pick the option that best fits you at the time!

ALPHA Review: (~15 minutes) This review adds side by side comparison with a world class thrower or an older video clip of the client's performance.

BRAVO Review: (~10 minutes) This review adds the use of reference lines, arrows, spot highlight and angle measurements of every major junction in throw.

CHARLIE Review: (~5 minutes) Real time, slow speed, and frame by frame critique of a single throw. Coach Rodhe will voice over video with highlights and suggestions for improvement. 

***Full Time RODHE SPORT Athletes have privilege of unlimited number of video reviews***

Live Practice Session/Interview Sessions

Schedule a time slot to have Coach Rodhe watch your practice session from a satellite location (most likely over his coffee table). You may also use this time for interview purposes if you wish. There are many options for video feeds like Facebook live, FaceTime, messenger call, etc; we are open and flexible!