Throw with RODHE SPORT

As a child and adult psychoanalyst, I know about motivation and behavior.  That is why I am so impressed with Coach Justin Rodhe's skills.  My husband and I have been active in sports our whole lives and we have never had a coach with better observation skills than Justin.  Now in our 60's, we cannot do some things that used to come easily,  But Justin always suggests modifications that take into consideration both our weaknesses and our strengths.  In a relatively short amount of time, he has helped us make gains in all areas of our throwing.  We are just so grateful to Coach Rodhe and would highly recommend him to anyone who desires to improve.
~Victoria Todd (RS Masters Athlete)


RS Satellite Athlete: $150/month

-full throws and lifting program

-1 detailed video analysis/week (by request)

-1 casual video analysis /day (by request)

-train at RS for $20hr

-detailed video catalogue of throws and lifting progression is requirement

-will partner with home site coach if needed


Open Throws Training:

$50/hr: Individual reservations have possibility of being grouped with up to 3 total athletes in the same hour. We take care to make sure groupings are productive and don't detract from training your experience.

$30/hr: Group reservations (min 2 athletes) must be made by one person for all parties. Amount due will be $30/hr per athlete on reservation. 

$10/hr: Open throw with Coach Rodhe. Throw with Justin in a casual format where all participants are training partners and there is no ONE coach. Events thrown will vary from shot, disc, hammer, javelin and special strength exercises pending on the day. These sessions are typically on Saturdays at 9am. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!!! please let us know you are coming to a session. This will ensure Justin is at the track and not drinking coffee in his office!

-High School, College, Professional and Masters level athletes