RODHE SPORT Summer Camps

Why go to a big camp, and receive little 1on1 instruction time? Come be part of an intimate, high intensity atmosphere where you will be exposed to the most elite of training attitudes. We cater to small groups to ensure maximum quality of instruction. Our small atmosphere also allows for greater flexibility to meet your schedule needs!

We don’t offer cookie cutter programs to our clients. Every visit will be an original and custom tailored experience designed around your needs for that day and training cycle. 

Private Coaching

Training sessions are designed for 1-4 active participants. This includes athletes, coaches, and “involved” parents. Registrants have a choice of throws only, weight room only or a combination of both. Booking times and dates are flexible, contact coach Rodhe to set up your visit to RODHE SPORT!

Program Dates: June 6- Aug 20.

75 min Throws Instruction @Ravenna High School

75 min Weight Room Instruction @Rodhe Sport (Edinburg, Ohio)         

$50 per group for each 75min session

Train with the Best

RODHE SPORT has professional athletes training 10x a week all year round. We encourage athletes and coaches to join the high-octane environment. Space for this is limited to 1-2 individuals per session. Throw with All-Americans, Olympians and one of the world’s best technical coaches. You will be tossed into the ranks; throw for throw, lift for lift. Open to athletes of all achievement levels! Coach Rodhe facilitates a safe, “no ego” environment that encourages learning. This is the best way to get the edge on your competitors!

Contact coach Rodhe to verify availability as sometimes athletes are traveling over seas for competition.

Sessions run M,T,W,F,Sat at ~10am and 4pm

Each session includes:                                                                                 

~60 min Throws @ Ravenna High School

~75 min Lifting @ Rodhe Sport (Edinburg, Ohio)

$20 per athlete, per session