Looking for individualized personal training or progressive throws training? We have a class for you at Rodhe Sport! 

We offer the option to pay ahead quarterly for a reduced rate, and also have drop-in rates. 

Personal Training Classes:

-Strength Class: Offered Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings for those who like to workout early, and also Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. This class setting features free weights, circuits, interval programs, and more with a predesigned program waiting for you when you arrive. Participants will rotate through stations at their own pace under the guidance of Coach Rodhe. 

-Personal Training: This goal oriented training program is written specifically for each of our client's unique strengths and targets. Coach Rodhe walks you through each program ensuring you are responding and getting the most out of your training. Choose mornings or evenings Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

Throws/ Athletic Training: 

-HS Strength Group Class: This after school program Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, focuses on weight room safety and etiquette, developing athletes through beginner to advanced lifts. 

-OPEN THROWS: Saturday mornings RS athletes gather for open circle and weight room. Coach Rodhe float coaches the whole group providing technical corrections and building muscle memory. 

-Individual Throws Training: Coach Rodhe in a one-on-one throws session will not only serve as a catalyst to your throwing potential, but also grow you as a human being. Schedule individualized throws sessions with Coach Rodhe around your personal schedule and needs.