Hammer "EAGLE" Glove with Buckle/Strap

Hammer "EAGLE" Glove with Buckle/Strap

Our Eagle platform is designed around a two-hand glove system. We have developed a three finger glove for the handle-hand and a two finger glove for the over-hand. When overlapped, the seams have a locking affect and the grip placement allows for maximizing stretch and learning to "push" the hammer. 

We also have a traditional 4 finger glove that sells like umbrellas in Vancouver.

We are using premium quality leather that eliminates break-in time and offers superior breathability. This leather looks good, feels good and smells good. As our first customer said, "it fits like a glove", from the first moment you put it on. 

We offer International shipping options via DHL and UPS in check out. We also have an eBay store (rodhesport2129) as an option for shipping outside the U.S.

Sizing Video

$ 55.00